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Attention, patients! This is Dr. Captain Morgan’s speaking. Have you had your recommend dose of Vitamin Sea this year? Well, just in case you haven’t…

This time of year, the cold winter months can run your system down. It would be tragic if we didn’t prescribe to you 1,100 feet of pristine, white sandy beach and luxury world-class accommodations and amenities.

Imagine you are just steps away from unforgettable diving, snorkeling adventure, friendly manatees, exciting tours, brilliant and invigorating sunshine, delicious foods, and the tranquil and serene turquoise waters of the unparalleled Caribbean Sea.

And that’s what Vitamin Sea is all about. It’s all a part of a regular diet of rest, relaxation, and entertainment designed to cure your winter woes and reinvigorate you!

Come on down and see for yourself – it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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