Ambergris Caye features a symphony of white sandy beaches and none can be better than the stretch of sand at Captain Morgan’s Retreat. At 1,100-ft long our beach is the longest on Ambergris Caye, making a picture, perfect, barefoot, wedding venue. With swaying mature palms above, invite your guests to attend barefoot to feel the soft sand below and add a hint of fun and relaxation to the sophistication of suits and dresses.

Unlike other beach resorts on our Caye, Captain Morgan’s location outside San Pedro and away from the crowds ensure our beach is exclusive and private. The reduced traffic keeps the turquoise Caribbean Sea the backdrop of your wedding, not a group passing by, with the sound of the waves as your only background music.

We take pride in our beach which is why have a dedicated team of 10 to groom it daily, raking the sand and caring for our palms. There couldn’t be a better setting for your wedding photos, and we would be honored to help you make those special memories.

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