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One of the things people often complain about is that while getaways are—let’s be honest—awesome, they usually take a lot of planning and preparation… and then there is the travel time itself.

Luckily, the English-speaking resort Mecca of Belize is just a couple hours away from the US!

Nestled alongside Mexico in tropical Belize, we’re only a short flight from nearby US airports, like Houston, for instance; as of October of this year, Southwest Airlines has also begun non-stop service from Houston to Belize City – and Copa Airlines is also offering new flights to Belize beginning this very month!

After arriving in Belize City by air, getting to Ambergris Caye is a breeze, with frequent water taxis ferrying guests back and forth at ideal hours.

Getting here is easier than ever.

Have no worries in your travel plans, folks. Just drop us a line, talk to us a bit, and we’ll handle the rest. All you have to do is board the plane…

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