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Typically, when you book a resort practically anywhere in the world, they have a “high” and a “low” season. Demand is higher during the months of the high season, and, naturally, costs tend to be coincide with availability. Low season is when resorts tend to offer cost cuts to deal with lower occupancy. Simply put: It’s the way our business works.

The other factor that plays a crucial role in determining the high from low season is weather.

Technically speaking, Belize has a high and low season, which ties directly into the “dry” and the “rainy” season. We want to put your mind at ease as to why there is never a bad time to visit Belize. When you hear the tiny differences in temperature and in rainfall in these two seasons, you’ll probably get a good chuckle and start planning to take advantage of the supposed “rainy” season.

The Temperature in Belize on average is a low of 81.7 degrees, and a high of about 89.2 degrees. That’s only a 7 point change throughout the year! The rainfall is almost as comical, really. Most months have about 5.43 mm, or about ¼ of an inch per month. The absolute lowest is about 2 mm in April and the highest about 11 mm or about ½ inch per month in September.

There are anomalies, of course, to any weather pattern; from droughts to hurricanes. But if you’re looking for averages, and you’ve been talked out of low or rainy season bargains in the past, think again. If you can put up with a mid-day shower that lasts all of an hour, and then clears up again, well, you’re going to be able to take care of some great deals.

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