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Kiss Me I’m Irish! As a former British colony, the only one in Central America and still a member of the British Commonwealth Belize reaches out to all our Irish brothers and sisters in wishing them a Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

In Belize’s history the people from Ireland, Scotland and Wales were more populous early settlers and residents than the subjects from England proper. As a logging outpost known for swamps and impenetrable jungles it was only the hardy workmen and fiercely independent pirates that made up much of the early foreign residents.

From early on however the cayes, like St Georges Caye (Belize’s first capital) and Ambergris Caye were favored for their fine breezy climate, pristine waters and generally agreeable livability. Coconut plantations and game ran free around the island and the Cayes enjoyed a very prosperous early history.

Later the presence of the British army brought many more members of the United Kingdom to our shores and their influence can be seen in the faces of the people and the family names.

So, with this in mind and a historical kinship for all things Irish Belize welcomes one and all to raise a cold coconut and drink to the Irish in all of us on their special day!

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