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The welcoming weather of Belize is always warm and sunny, but at certain times of the year you can expect some rain – though it will only last an hour or two. In the months between February to the end of May, our dry season is where the days are hotter with almost no clouds.

This tends to also be a good time to jump into outdoor activities; especially day trips, where you can plan on the weather holding out so you can enjoy any number of outdoor water or jungle activities.

At Captain Morgan’s, every day is perfect for snorkeling and diving, but in the dry season you may want to venture out a little further for a day trip. We can arrange a great day long fishing tour, for instance.

The waters surrounding Ambergris Caye abound with a rich variety of saltwater fishing, and the island boasts some of the best fishing guides in the country. Most types of fish, including bone fish and tarpon, can be caught year-round. Within 15 minutes of leaving the dock, you can be fishing in tidal flats or in blue water hundreds of feet deep.

Enjoy some of the best weather of the year and best fishing you’ll find anywhere. We’ll hook you up so you can reel them in!

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