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Now THAT’s Entertainment!

When you arrive at Captain Morgan’s Retreat, we become your base of operations in this part of the world – and from here you’ll also be able to partake in an abundance of festivities.

Once you get here, we’ll set you up with the Sunday Night Welcome Party, which involves some cocktails (the welcome drink is on us!) and mingling with other guests, both new and returning.

Then we’ll show you a good time with our Belizean Cultural Night, where we’ll woo you with the enticing local culture, delicious traditional culinary delights, and all the other wonderful things that make this part of the world truly special.

While you’re here, be sure to book yourself on our romantic Caribbean Sunset Cruise. It’s simply perfect if you’re on your honeymoon with that special someone or just want to have one of the best relaxing and fun experiences you’ll ever have.

The festivities continue with Mexican Night, where we celebrate our Mexican roots and, of course, the ever popular and much in-demand Friday Night Live, where local favorite band, Barefoot Skinny, plays their talented hearts out—so you can drink and dance the night away!

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Come have fun with us in paradise.

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