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Belize is considered by many to be the “East Gateway into Central America”, and for good reason. The main entry point is coastal Belize City, a thriving metropolis of 61,000 in a country of 350,000 splendidly diverse peoples–from Mayans and Creoles to Afro-Caribbean Garifuna. It’s the only English-speaking country in Central America, with Belize being a colony of British Honduras from 1862 to 1981.

Everywhere you go, nature gently nudges its way into daily life. Belize is still more than 65% forested, with 38% of the land area protected as nature reserves, one of the highest percentages in the Americas.

The drive east from Belize City’s international airport will take you all the way clear this small nation into the highlands, where orange groves and ranch land surround San Ignacio, a town near the Guatemalan border.

Nestled in the foothills of the towering, limestone cave-riddled Maya Mountains, San Ignacio is the bustling hub of a lush jungle paradise. Tropical rivers offer canoeing through Barton Creek Cave, or drifting in an inner tube down the Nonoch Che’en, where you can turn your headlight on and off to float slowly through one cave after another.

Truly, there is no place on earth quite like Belize. Or Ambergris Caye for that matter. Drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to tell you even more about our wonderful country with its awesome sights, beautiful land, Mayan ruins, and so much more.

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