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There’s snow on the ground, icicles growing on your eaves, and extreme weather warnings. Every time you go outside you need to bundle up in layer after layer just to go to work.

It’s cold. It’s the perfect time to escape winter and blast off to Belize, don’t you think? And where could be better than the most popular of the many small islands off the Belize mainland than Ambergris Caye and wonderful San Pedro?

With February around the corner, that means Carnival celebrations and absolutely epic festivities, from dancing to paint fights to fireworks and amazing food.

Even better still, head to an exclusive, private luxury resort where you can relax in tropical sunshine on 1,100 feet of pristine private beach and enjoy spa treatments right on the water.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but you don’t need an excuse to retreat to Captain Morgan’s – getting away from that winter chill is reason enough!

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