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Did you know that Belize ranks number three in the top list of must-visit adventure destinations? Don’t take our word for it, head over to Digital Journal and see for yourself!

Adventure starts right here at Captain Morgan’s, where you can walk from your villa to the dock in a minute or two before casting off for the day. Whether it’s oceanic activities like snorkeling, diving, and fishing you’re looking for – or perhaps some mainland jungle excursions through Mayan jungles to explore ancient ruins – there is a wealth of opportunity for fun or challenging activities.

Head out to one of the true diving wonders and descend into the Blue Hole, one of the world’s Top 10 Dives. Zipline over Belizean jungles as part of a mainland excursion, or perhaps even visit Lamanai, a ruin of a city founded in the 16th century BC.

Your adventure awaits.

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