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Looking for a legendary weekend?

February 18th will see the beginning of Fiesta de Carnivale in San Pedro: A party of truly mythic and epic proportions. The parades and costumes you may have come to expect from more typical carnival celebrations are replaced at Belize’s Fiesta de Carnivale with body-painting and flour-fighting.

That’s right: Flour-fighting.

It’s fun to watch, but it is even more fun to do! Sure, you’ll become a mess of paint and colour from head to toe – all the colours of the rainbow will decorate your skin – but you’ll have the time of your life surrounded by people enjoying the time of theirs.

Fiesta de Carnivale is a weekend to truly let loose, to embrace the ridiculous, and let out that inner child for a bit – really get yourself dirty from top to bottom. And when you’re done, you can retreat to the privacy of Captain Morgan’s Retreat and enjoy your oceanfront accommodations, private beach, and swim-up bars.

The weekend before Lent is a glorious party like no other. Just be sure to dress for the occasion!

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