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A lot of resorts offer standard wedding packages that your day is then fit into. Set up and décor are similar from wedding to wedding, and your day suddenly loses a bit of your personality. At Captain Morgan’s we create completely unique weddings for our couples so that your day resembles you, and only you.

How is it that we are able to create totally customized weddings? Our wedding package is simply the basics: your wedding license, officiant, marriage registration, and other logsitics. We keep it minimal so that our brides can design their day how they want it— without any kind of limitations or pre-set arrangements.

This is all made possible thanks to our experienced wedding coordinator who works closely with all brides. With years of planning weddings, our coordinator provides only the best local service providers for brides, as well as countless pieces of advice for planning from afar!

Interested in learning more about weddings at Captain Morgan’s and seeing sample options for your big day? Check out our website and of course, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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