Pop the champagne! It’s the party portion of your evening where you get to let loose with friends and family. Whether you’re looking to dance to live music or want a firework display to punctuate your evening, our coordinator will plan the party you’ve always wanted.

There are multiple locations where your party can take place. Simply transform the outdoor area where you had your dinner, move inside the Mama Caribe restaurant, or head to the beach. Wherever you choose, weddings have their own bar to ensure your wedding guests receive exceptional service all evening.

Music can be arranged from a DJ to a live Caribbean band depending on the style of party you want, including any performances or displays you’d like to entertain your guests with. A pro tip from our wedding coordinator: before you pick your wedding date, look at the moon cycle. A full moon makes beautiful lighting for your party, not to mention in your pictures!

When the evening draws to a close, escape to your bridal suite overlooking the Caribbean and know that all clean up and take down is being taken care of. Your only job is to enjoy being newlyweds.

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