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We Have the Best Priced Gourmet Lobster on the Island

To celebrate today’s opening of Lobster season, our chef has created an inspired menu showcasing the best of local lobster. Did we mention our menu offers the best value on the island? There’s nowhere else in town you can indulge Read more ›

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A Top Adventure Destination

Did you know that Belize ranks number three in the top list of must-visit adventure destinations? Don’t take our word for it, head over to Digital Journal and see for yourself! Adventure starts right here at Captain Morgan’s, where you Read more ›

What to Get for Father’s Day

Another year, another Father’s Day – but what to get dad? Dad works hard as a partner and parent, but does he need yet another tie or mug from his children? What about a visit to Belize? Your dad could Read more ›

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Tours With Captain Morgan’s

Do you dream of landing the big fish? The one that gives you a story to tell that makes your other fishing buddies jealous? Or how about diving with sharks or snorkeling with green sea turtles, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, Read more ›

Ambergris Caye In Winter

There’s snow on the ground, icicles growing on your eaves, and extreme weather warnings. Every time you go outside you need to bundle up in layer after layer just to go to work. It’s cold. It’s the perfect time to Read more ›

Captain Morgan’s Entertains

Now THAT’s Entertainment! When you arrive at Captain Morgan’s Retreat, we become your base of operations in this part of the world – and from here you’ll also be able to partake in an abundance of festivities. Once you get Read more ›

Get out Among the Locals

At Captain Morgan’s we specialize in relaxation. In fact the word “retreat” is in our name. But there are times when you might want to wander off the beaten, and travel in to San Pedro to see the local sites. Read more ›

Just What is the “Low” Season in Belize?

Typically, when you book a resort practically anywhere in the world, they have a “high” and a “low” season. Demand is higher during the months of the high season, and, naturally, costs tend to be coincide with availability. Low season Read more ›

Dry Season – Perfect for Getting Outdoors

The welcoming weather of Belize is always warm and sunny, but at certain times of the year you can expect some rain – though it will only last an hour or two. In the months between February to the end Read more ›

Snorkeling and Diving on your Doorstep

A lot of places like to say they’re “on the beach”, and some say they’re “on the harbour”… when, really, all they have is a decent view from a few blocks away. Now, go ahead and spend some time on Read more ›

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